Type F Plug 75 Ohm-3 Piece Crimp For RG6HD/1580 (Eq Amphenol 222123)

F-Type precision 3-piece crimp plug for mini RG6HD (Nemal 1580/Belden 1694A). Nemalâ€

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s precision F-Type connectors feature 75 Ω impedance and 30 dB return loss at 1GHz. Additionally, these connectors accept .022-.042 in. diameter conductors and comply with a 3/8-32 thread specification. Patent pending contact design provides truly cylindrical coaxial contact and provides superior RF performance and excellent insertion/withdrawal characteristics. Typical Applications include Head End Equipment, Set Top Boxes, CATV, High Speed Cable Modems, CIMs, Hybrid Fiber Coax Networks. Use Nemal CT1000HD Crimping Tool. Nemal also offers this connector in cable assemblies in standard or custom length