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Cable Repair Services

If your gear is idle, now is the time to get your equipment in top working condition.

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Custom Cable Repair Services

When you send your broadcast cables to Nemal Electronics for repair, you are dealing directly with the factory. Unlike most others in the industry, Nemal is not only an assembly house. We design and manufacture raw cable from scratch, and then terminate using Lemo, Neutrik, Kings, and other leading connector brands. Regardless of which company made your cable, Nemal can repair it.

We repair all types of copper and fiber cables, including:




Tactical Fiber




Sony, Panasonic, Ikegami, and Hitachi camera cables
Other specialized broadcast and RF cables
Panels, stage boxes, BSPs, and other broadcast interface enclosures

Nemal technicians have more than 100 years of combined experience in the design, troubleshooting, and repair of broadcast cables. We know that a cable must perform properly, not only when new, but for its full useful life. Nemal is a leader in the design of innovative cables as well as termination techniques, protective devices, and maintenance procedures to ensure maximum cable performance and durability. We not only repair, but go farther by adding value to the designs of the original connector manufacturers.

We use the latest technology and specially designed equipment for broadcast cable repair including interferometer and advanced OTDR testing. We diagnose and provide repair options to maximize the value for your applications of your repaired cables. This may include the repair or replacement of one or both ends, or cutting the cable into 2 or more usable lengths. In certain cases, it may be more economical to purchase a new cable. We provide detailed test data in accordance with customer requirements. In the case of fiber cables, this will typically include insertion loss, return loss, and a complete physical inspection report. SMPTE cable testing also includes computerized scanning and verification of copper conductor integrity.

Sending cables to Nemal for repair is very simple:

Fill out our RMA Repair Form in Detail and submit along with your malfunctioning cables to

Nemal Electronics International
12240 NE 14th Avenue
North Miami, FL 33161
Attn: Repairs

Or call
(305) 899-0900 
during normal business hours for immediate service.

We've been sending our cables to Nemal for repair and calibration for a number of years. They work like new every time.

Dave Ross, ABC Broadcasting