RG217/U 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable Copper Braid NCV Jacket

Available in bulk standard or custom cut lengths from 1-1000 ft or terminated to order with Type N, DIN, LC, UHF (PL259 interface), HN or other RF connector types.

RG-217/U coaxial cable is a popular choice for high power HF 50 Ohm applications. 1310 features a solid copper center conductor, solid polyethylene dielectric, 2-95% bare copper braids, and a non-contaminating PVC (NCV) jacket as per MIL-C-17. It offers excellent crush resistance and is suitable for direct burial and for applications requiring a high degree of shielding

Center Conductor: .108" Solid Bare Copper.

Outer Diameter: 0.545"

Weight per 1000 Ft:  201 Lbs

Temperature Range: -40C to +80C

Please see the Nemal General Catalog for attenuation and power rating information.