Video Coaxial Cable HD/SDI RG6 Type Solid 18 Awg PVC Jacket

 1580 is a RG6HD, 18awg coaxial cable suitable for 3G/HD-SDI over medium to long distances (see Nemal Maximum Recommended Distance Chart). It is ideal for use in permanent installations in all types of broadcast facilities. 1580 is available in 10 colors, either in bulk or terminated to customer specifications. Recommended connectors are Nemal NE8010H (BNC).

Physical Characteristics:

Part Number: 1580
Product Description: Coaxial cable, 75 ohm, extended distance HD/SDI
Center Conductor: 18 awg solid bare copper .040” (1.0mm)
Dielectric: Gas injected FHDPE .180” (4.6mm)
Shielding: 100% Aluminum/mylar tape and 95% tinned copper braid
Jacket Material: TPR, 80C Outer
Diameter: .274” nom. (7.0mm)
Weight: 42 lbs/1000 ft (63kg/km)

Electrical Characteristics:

Impedance: 75 +/-2 ohms
Capacitance: 16.2 pf/ft (52.8pf/mtr)
Velocity: 83%
Return Loss: 23 db min (5-1600 MHZ) 21 db min (1600-4500 MHZ)
DCR: Center conductor: 6.4 ohms/1000ft (21.0 ohms/km) Braid 2.8 ohms/1000ft (9.2 ohms/km)
Time Delay: 1.23ns/ft (4.0ns/meter)

*Maximum recommended distance for HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M 1.5Gb/s) 360ft (110 mtr)

*Maximum recommended distance for HD-1080p (SMPTE 424M 3.0Gb/s) 254ft (77 mtr)

*Distance will vary depending on equipment, installation, and other factors.
Notes: 100% Sweep tested 5 MHZ-4.5 GHZ

Rohs compliant materials