Video Coaxial Cable HD/SDI RG59 Mini-Solid 23 Awg PVC Jacket

1191 is a miniature RG59HD, 23awg coaxial cable suitable for 3G/HD-SDI over short distances (see Nemal Maximum Recommended Distance Chart). It is ideal for use in racks, mobile installations, and other applications where size and weight are critical. 1191 is available in 10 colors, either in bulk or terminated to customer specifications. Recommended connectors are Nemal NE8092H (BNC), MB8092HD (HD-BNC), and NE3015 (Mini-Din).


  Nominal Attenuation db/100ft (MHZ)
Nemal P/N Center Cond Belden Ref Dielectric VP % Shielding Jacket Type Jacket Dia Weight 1000ft Capacitance Connector Type 1 10 270 500 1000 3000 4500
1191 23AWG SBC .023 1855A Gas inj FHDPE 83 foil +95% TC Braid PVC .160"         4.1mm 9.0lb               4.0kg 16.1pf/ft         52.8pf/mtr      NE8092H 0.4 1.2 5.4 7.5 10.6 18.7 24.9