STICKLERS 2.5mm CLEAN STIXX Optical Grade Cleaning Kit For 2.5 MM Ferrules

This is the most popular size of the Sticklers

RapidTables ®

Fiber optic cleaning swabs. The package includes 50 S25 CleanStixx™ for cleaning 2.5 mm end-faces such as SC, ST, FC, ASC, AFC, etc.

These swabs out-perform all others because they put the industry's finest cleaning technology right at the business-end of the cleaning swab. These CleanStixx™ deliver perfectly clean fiber end-faces every time, all the time. They use a patented, thermally-sintered polymer tip which conforms to the end-face for better cleaning. It also cleans the entire end-face, not just the contact area.

The fibrous structure of the tip enables each CleanStixx™ to wick up more contamination and trap more particulate than fabric-style swabs (and with none of the drawbacks of foam-type swabs). The molded design ensures perfect fit with end-face and alignment sleeve. Because the tips are narrower than the ferrule, the tip spins off-center, providing more cleaning at the core of the fiber.

Each CleanStixx™ automatically conforms to end-face geometry (angled 8-degree and domed polish, etc.). The thermally-sintered polymer tip eliminates contamination from fibers, glues, out-gassing or blowing agents. Packaged in convenient, color-coded travel kits, these CleanStixx™ deliver the highest rate of successful cleaning in the industry, saving time and money.