STICKLERS— 90 Wipes in Plastic Tube

Sticklers CleanWipes™ 90 are high-quality, lint-free benchtop wipe engineered for cleaning bare fiber before splicing, and also for cleaning fiber optic jumpers. They are exactly the right size and the right material to make "wet-dry" cleaning simple and cost-effective. When dampened with the Sticklers ®Connector Cleaner, the CleanWipes™ 90 delivers improved results over traditional wipes.

The CleanWipes™ 90 wipes are made with a soft, clean, lint-free fabric. The wipe does not contain any glues, bleach or cellulose because those contaminates can be re-deposited onto an end-face. The fabric is very strong and resists shredding and tearing, even on LC connector end-faces.

With excellent absorbency, CleanWipes™ 90 wipes lift away fingerprint oils, grime, dust, polishing media and lint. Because the CleanWipes™ 90 are cleaner than traditional wipes, they also are ideal for cleaning bare fiber and fiber optic connector end-faces, plus lenses, mirrors, diffraction gratings, prisms and test equipment.

The mini-tub package is rugged and spill-proof, and the mini-tub makes them handy both on a benchtop or out in the field. Each mini-tub contains 90 perforated lint-free wipes, each wipe being 4" x 2" (10 cm x 5 cm). Each wipe can clean up to six fiber optic connectors or one bare fiber.

There are 24 mini-tubs per case, for a total of 2,160 wipes per case. Each mini-tub is approx. 3" in diameter and 3" tall (8 cm x 8 cm). Unlimited shelf life. 12-month warranty.