SMPTE Cable Test Set-Checks Fiber and Electrical

The Nemal SMPTE test set is the ideal piece of test equipment for any user or installer of SMPTE camera cables. It performs a quick and thorough test of SMPTE cables, end to end, and displays the complete optical insertion loss as well as the status of each copper conductor. The test set consists of a main unit and a small cylinder which connects to the remote end. This allows for complete testing of long installed cables which do not allow for access to both ends at the same location.



Power Meter Receiver

Detector: 2mm Germanium (Ge) photo-diode

Wavelength: 1310nm

Resolution: 0.01dB

Measurement Range: 60dBm

Accuracy: +/- 0.3dB

Light Source

Wavelengths: 1310nm +/- 30nm

Output Power (9/125um core): -1 dBm Typical

Spectral Width (FWHM): 5nm Typical

Visible Fault Locator (VFL): 650nm

Power – Control Unit

AC Power: 110/120 or 220 volt AC Charger/Adapter

Battery: 4 “AA” cells, NiMH

NiMH Battery Life (@ 25°C): 12 hours Typical

NiMH Recharge Time: 9 hours Typical 

Temperature Range

Operating: -10 to +50 deg. C (14 to 122 deg. F)

Storage: -40 to +60 deg. C (-40 to 140 deg. F)

Physical – Control Unit

Dimensions - Height/Width/Depth: 8 1/4” (21 cm) H x 6 1/2” (16.5 cm) W x • 3 5/8” (9.2 cm) D

Weight: 2.25 lbs. (1 kg)