SMPTE 311 HDTV 9mm Hybrid Fiber Optic Camera Cable Direct Burial PE Jacket

Available either in bulk or terminated in standard or custom lengths from 1-1640 ft with LEMO FUW-PUW or other any combination of hybrid or discrete connectors.

FOCC24 Studio Flex SMPTE-311 HDTV Camera Cable is the general purpose 9mm version in the Nemal line of SMPTE camera cables. It offers an excellent combination of flexibility, durability, size, and cost, and is the choice for most studio cord applications.  (Connectors not included with bulk cable).

Compatible with Sony, Ikegami, Panasonic, Hitachi, Grass Valley, JVC, and all SMPTE standard HDTV equipment.

Nemal manufactures 9 different types of SMPTE HDTV camera cable including

FOCC24R (UL) Riser

FOCC24S7 (7mm version)

FOCC24U (Rugged outdoor version-Polyurethane jacket)

FOCC612A (Stadium-3-in-1)

FOCC816 (Stadium-4-in-1)

FOCC24S5 (5mm for Steadicam)