SMPTE 311 HDTV 3-In-1 Hybrid Fiber Optic Camera Cable Stadium Cable Riser Type CMR

FOCC612A Stadium 3-in-1 SMPTE-311 HDTV Camera Cable is the 3-Camera UL version in the Nemal line of SMPTE camera cables. It offers an excellent combination of size, weight, and cost, and is the choice for most fixed applications requiring a UL rated cable with 3 complete camera cable subsets. It offers substantial savings in terms of cost and installation labor, and terminates into Nemal FOPA Series breakout panels. It is available either in bulk or terminated with any combination of discrete connectors, and is not suitable for direct termination to LEMO hybrid connectors.

Nemal FOCC612A is available in standard or custom lengths from 1-1500 Ft. Other versions available include Stadium-4 (FOCC816) and Stadium-5 (FOCC1020)

Product Specifications:

  • Part Number: FOCC612A-SMPTE Fiber Camera Cable-(triple-enhanced performance)
  • Low Loss (optical and electrical) for use over extended distance
  • Proven Superior performance and durability in the field
  • Easy Interface to Nemal FOPA Series SMPTE panels and breakout boxes


  • 6-single mode 8.2/125 fibers, bend tolerant, low loss Corning SMF-28 Ultra, 2mm jacket
  • 6-16 awg power conductors (used in pairs as 3 conductors) for extended distance
  • 6-24 awg data/signal conductors
  • Shielding: Aluminum/mylar and tinned copper drain wire over each group
  • Overall PVC Jacket, Riser Rated UL CMR-OF