Rean RB75BDD6 BNC Crimp Plug 75 Ohm 3Ghz-RG59 Mini Type 23 Awg (1855A/1191)

s 3-Piece crimp 75 Ohm BNC for 3G-HD/SDI applications using mini RG59HD cables (1191/Belden 1855A).

Suggested crimp tool is the Neutrik HX-R-BNC with appropriate die

Rean BNCs offer high performance and reliability throughout the frequency range, and are suitable for use in a wide range of environmental conditions. We suggest using Nemal cable boots or other protective options for outdoor applications. Installation time using standard tooling is less than 1 minute.


  • Electrical
    • 75Ω impedance
    • Contact resistance
      • ≤3mΩ pin
      • ≤2mΩ shield
    • >5GΩ insulation resistance
    • >1.5kVDC dielectric strength
    • 500V rated voltage
    • Return loss
      • >32dB up to 1GHz
      • >30dB up to 2GHz
      • >26dB up to 3GHz
  • Environmental
    • -30°C to +85°C operating temperature range
    • IEC 60169-8, MIL 348A standard compliance
    • Contact crimpability complies with IEC60803 and IEC 60352-2
  • Mechanical
    • >1000 mating cycles lifetime
    • >30N center cable retention
    • ≤25N insertion force
    • Bayonet locking device
    • Jacket crimping cable anchoring
  • Material
    • CuZn35Pb2 center contact
    • 0.1µm Au center contact plating
    • PTFE isolator
    • ZnAl4Cu1, Ni-plated housing
    • CuSn6, Ni-plated ground contact