ITT Pomona (Alcatel) 5131 4-Pin XLR Male Chassis Receptacle

Male Type XLR 4-Pin Panel Receptacle

The ITT Pomona 5131 is the smallest available traditional style metal panel mount connector. The ITT Pomona product, made by Alcatel, is a high quality option for any XLR interconnect application, and is compatible with all industry standard XLR connectors. The series features large solder cups for ease hard wiring.Limited stock available.

Capacitance between contacts ≤ 4 pF
Contact resistance ≤ 5 mΩ
Dielectric strength 1,5 kVdc
Insulation resistance > 10 GΩ (initial)
Rated current per contact 16 A
Rated voltage < 50 V
Insertion force≤ 20 N
Withdrawal force ≤ 20 N
Lifetime > 1000 mating cycles
Solder contacts-silver plated
Locking device Latch lock
Front Mounting
Legacy Style Chassis
Contact plating 2 µm Ag over 2 µm Ni
Contacts Brass (CuZn35Pb2)
Insert Polyamide (PA 6.6 30 % GR)
Locking element Steel Ck67
Shell Zinc diecast (ZnAl4Cu1)
Shell plating Nickel
Flammability UL 94 HB
Standard compliance IEC 61076-2-103
Protection class IP 40
Solderability Complies with IEC 68-2-20
Temperature range -30 °C to +80 °C