Microphone Cable-Braid Shield Starquad 2-Pair 24 Awg Flex Jacket

MC424P, 4-Conductor 24awg Star Quad type flexible microphone cable is the ideal choice for any audio application. The 4 conductors are twisted into 2 pair to provide excellent electrical properties. Its thick wall TPR jacket and tinned copper braid add extra strength and durability. It is available in 10 colors, and also terminated in any length with Neutrik XLR connectors.

Nemal Part Number Description Belden Ref Conductors Shielding Jacket Type Jacket Dia in/mm Weight lb/1000ft kg/km Capacitance bet cond-pf/ft pf/m
MC424P Star Quad Microphone Cable 1192A 4-19/36bc 85% TC braid TPR 105C .242/6.2 37/55 39/128