LEMO 75 Ohm Video Triax Plug for RG59 Type FXC.4A.675.CTCC95

LEMO Video Triax connectors are known worldwide for their perfomance, durability, and precision manufacturing. We stock LEMO Video Triax connectors, repair kits, boots and accessories for all standard broadcast cables

Model FXC.4A.675.CTCC is suitable for use with most 9mm 75 Ohm video triax cables including Belden 9267, 1857A, and Nemal 1835

We also stock LEMO PAL T7 Series and many other LEMO products for fiber and copper. We build video triax cables using LEMO connectors in any length from 3-1000 ft.

LEMO Video Triax Connectors 4A Series (NTSC)

Technical Characteristics:

Note: The bend relief must be ordered separately.

Note: all dimensions are in millimeters.

Note: FXB is FFB with earthing sleeve.

FXC is FFB with earthing sleeve, without safety ring.  

Triax Standard Impedance75 Ω–

Operating frequency2.5 GHz–VSWR (f= GHz)1.01 + 0.076 f IEC 60169-1-1

Contact resistance< 3 m ΩIEC 60512-2

Triax Standard Contact resistance internal screen< 1 m Ω–

WatertightnessIP61IEC 60529

Test voltage2 kV ACIEC 60512-2