HDMI Cable Assembly with Gold Plated Connectors

Nemal High Speed HDMI cables support the newest HDMI features including UltraHD and 4k at 50/60 (2160p), depending on length. Typical application is for connecting multimedia devices to displays. Available in standard lengths from 3-100 Ft. HDMI is backward compatible (using an adapter) with single-link digital video (DVI-D or DVI-I, but not DVI-A)

3-15 Ft cables      20-25 Ft Cables     30-50 Ft Cables     55-60 Ft Cables

OD 6.0MM             7.3MM                     8.5MM                    10MM

1080P/2K/4K/3D    1080P/3D              1080P/3D                1080P/3D


75-100 Ft Cables          75-100 Ft With Ethernet

8.5MM                             9.5MM

With Equalizer                With Equalizer

1080P                             1080P/2K/4K/3D