Cable Reeler-Extremely Rugged OX Type for Fiber Optic Cable

The CR300L "OX" Reel is a heavy duty military style olive drab reel designed for tactical fiber cable. Features include: Rugged & durable construction, Axle-less design for cable protection, Hub compartment safely stores cables, Optional military cable feed-thru or plate mounted ST or SC receptacles, Lightweight, aluminum drum design, Steel frame protects drum flanges, Stacking feet with rubber tips. Flip handle with adjustable brakes.

Cable Type TAC4 SMPTE 9.5mm TAC12    Empty Weight   Dimensions   H x L x W Construction
Reel P/N Feet Meters Feet Meters Feet Meters Lbs KG In mm  
CR300L 500 160 220 67 328 100 11.0 5.0 11.8 x 11.7 x 12.7 300 x 297 x 322 Steel