Broadcast/ENG Composite Cable 2-SM Fiber, 1 Pair 18 Awg, Shielded-Flex Jacket

For SMPTE-311 and other hybrid applications requiring power, BCF23P24-2C16 is an excellent option. This is one of the fiber/power cables in Nemalâ€

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s enhanced BCF series of SMPTE 311 COMPATIBLE HDTV HYBRID FIBER-COPPER CABLE SYSTEMS FOR RUGGED OUTDOOR USE, and consists of 2-singlemode fibers together with 3-individually shielded pair of 24awg with a foil shield and drain, 2 conductors 16awg, and an overall flexible outdoor jacket . This product family offers a user-friendly, robust, and cost effective solution to signal transport in harsh environments. Available in a wide range of configurations for multiple HD (3G) Video, Audio and Data channels. Complete, fully terminated Reeler systems from 100-1000ft include media converters, adapters, and custom fan-outs. Nemal manufactures Hybrid Fiber-Copper cables in various combinations with an overall flexible and rugged outdoor jacket. The cables are available with 1-4 Single-mode or Multimode fibers, 1-4 individually shielded audio pair, and optional power or CAT5 members.

*REELER and connectors NOT INCLUDED-Please see reeler options for your required cable length