Low Loss 50 Ohm LMR® Type Coaxial Cable 1181F

Available in bulk standard or custom cut lengths from 1-1000 ft or terminated to order with Type N, BNC, TNC, UHF, or other RF connector types.

Nemal 1181F is one of the new generation low loss 50 ohm coaxial cables, and is suitable for use over a wide frequency range, well into the UHF band. It features a stranded copper center conductor, gas injected polyethylene dielectric, both a foil as well as a tinned copper braid, and an outdoor PVC jacket. 1180 offers a significant reduction in loss as compared to solid polyethylene and foam polyethylene cables of the same size. The gas injection process allows for a high velocity factor, lower capacitance, and lower loss.

LMR is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems.