Corporate Profile

Nemal Electronics International, Inc. is a fully integrated manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of fiber optic, copper, and hybrid electronic cable, connectors, cable assemblies, and interconnect products for broadcast, RF communications, data, and electronic control applications. In addition to the products we manufacture, Nemal is an authorized distributor for other major manufacturers of interconnect products including Amphenol, Lemo, Kings, Switchcraft, the complete Neutrik audio and OpticalCon line, Emerson, and Tyton Hellerman.

In 1999, we established an assembly and test facility for the then new Lemo SMPTE standard HDTV fiber optic connector and since then, have played an important role in many of the largest HDTV connector installations in the world. Beginning with the Staples Arena in Los Angeles, and continuing to the 2014 World Cup in Brasil, we have designed and manufactured SMPTE 311, SMPTE 424, and HD/SDI cables, panels, and adapters for almost every major HDTV broadcast event in the Americas. We offer a complete range of services for HDTV fiber installations including training, design, installation, and product sales.

Since 1977, Nemal has served thousands of customers throughout the world including all of the major broadcast networks in the Americas, the principal manufacturers of HDTV broadcast cameras, OB mobile units, sports venues, many Fortune 500 companies, numerous U.S. and foreign government agencies, and many others. Some of our major customers are ABC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, Harris Corp., HBO, Ikegami, L-3, Lockheed Martin, Moog, Motorola, NBC, Panasonic, Sony, Telemundo, Televisa, TV Azteca, TV Globo, The United Nations, Univision, and the United States Navy.

Our standard broadcast interconnect products include digital and analog audio cable and snakes, HD/SDI coaxial cables and assemblies, flexible microphone cables, ENG cables, RF and Microwave coaxial cables, connectors, and adapters, audio connectors and adapters, and multiconductor satellite control cables. We manufacture a line of HDTV BNC connectors and crimping tools compatible with all industry standard HD/SDI coaxial cables. Within the RF/coaxial line, we manufacture BNC, TNC, N, SMA, SMB, LC, HN, triaxial, twinaxial,and reverse polarity connectors, cable assemblies, and adapters. For SMPTE HDTV camera systems, we offer a family of fiber panels, pigtails, adapters, test equipment, and cleaning kits. We have designed and manufactured numerous special products to meet both market and individual customer requirements, and hold a US Patent on our field version of the industry standard DT12 audio connector. Nemal’s FOCC24 series SMPTE 311 HDTV Camera Cable is approved by both Lemo and Neutrik, and is available in 6 variations. This series includes constructions for flexible studio use, rugged outdoor use, fixed installation, multiple camera (Stadium), as well as an ultra flexible miniature version (Steadicam). Our SMPTE hybrid fiber optic camera cables are compatible with SMPTE 311, SMPTE 424, 4K, and proposed 8K standards. We manufacture a complete line of adapters and assemblies for Neutrik OpticalCon connectors as well as complete reeler systems. We continue to manufacture digital video triaxial and multicore cables and assemblies for Panasonic, Sony, Ikegami, JVC, and Hitachi cameras. Our family of hybrid ENG cables includes turnkey, ready to use interconnect systems on reelers with tactical fiber, copper, power, and data components in a wide range of constructions. We offer O/E equipment and media converters in both standard as well as custom configurations. Our tactical fiber optic cables include single as well as multimode versions with 2 to 12 fibers, and are available terminated with ST, LC, FC, OpticalCon, or TFOCA connectors.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our factory, located in Miami, contains approximately 28,000 square feet of manufacturing space, and is capable of producing standard and custom cables up to 30 mm (1.2") in diameter. This facility includes a complete design and test laboratory as well as multiple extrusion lines, cabling, shielding, and special process equipment. This plant has received multiple approvals from UL (Underwriters Laboratories) for hundreds of cable designs, and operates under a strict quality control system with frequent independent inspections. Our main building, located in North Miami, houses our worldwide administrative headquarters. In this building, we stock more than 3000 cable and connector products and also produce cable assemblies, patch panels and cable identification products. This facility contains approximately 14,000 square feet including our connector manufacturing operations and RF and microwave test laboratory. The laboratory includes separate network analyzers for both 50 and 75 ohm testing from DC to as high as 40 GHZ. Production equipment in this facility includes multiple CNC machines and secondary equipment, capable of manufacturing a wide range of precision connector, adapter, and fiber optic products.

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